From David's Desk:
H.G. Wells, after he had observed human life, came to an interesting conclusion: “Religion is the first thing and the last thing, and until a man has found God and been found by God, he begins at no beginning, he works to no end. He may have his friendships, his partial loyalties, his scraps of honor. But all these things fall into place and life falls into place only with God.”

Wells was right. Our fullness starts with God. It is sad that far too many in our world do not see the connection. But, I believe what is sadder, is that too many Christians fail to grow and develop their relationship with God. I think there are a couple of things that will be obstacles to our relationship to God.

(1) Being satisfied with knowledge ABOUT God instead of really KNOWING God.
It is easy to memorize verses, recite lists, and become proficient with facts, without really getting to know God and develop an intimate relationship with Him.

When a wife says to her husband, “You don't even know me!” What does that mean? She's not talking about facts. But she is saying to her husband that he has no understanding of her emotionally. He is not in touch with her desires. Needs. And wants.

A personal relationship with God is more than just reading His Word. The written Word brings us in touch with the heart of God. A personal relationship with God is loving God with all of our being. And then living like it from day to day.

(2) Being content with our relationship.
I have noticed that in the almost 47 years of marriage that my relationship with Linda is not the same as during our dating days. Or even the first few years of our marriage. You see, we have grown closer. Our love has deepened. It has matured and grown.

If your marriage is average or less than that, you know there's something missing. That “connection” is not there. There is complacency, apathy and even dullness. There's no desire to divorce, but you're just living together instead of really being together.

The same applies in our relationship with the Lord. We can fall into a habit just “going to church.” We read our Bibles. We say our prayers. But, like the Laodician Christians, have grown “lukewarm.” (Revelation 3:15) We've settled for less. So much less than we could have.

The truth is that both the physical and spiritual relationship take work. It demands deep commitment. It requires a bond that is deeper than surface level.

(3) Focus on the cares of the world.
In his parable of the seed and sower, Jesus warned about “the cares of this world and the deceitfulness of riches” choking out the Word. (Matthew 13:22) When earthly cares dominate our thinking, we become more concerned for the urgent and not for the important. They smother our desire for spiritual fulfillment and a closeness with God. John commanded us to “love not the world” for a reason. The world deflects and distracts us from the proper focus on our heavenly Father.

If you don't feel close to God, why not? What's hindering you? How can you rekindle the passion? And where do you begin? These questions are worth your serious reflection.

One change: I will be in the office on Thursdays instead of Tuesdays. Times will be 9:30 to 2:30. I found out that the drive on 270 at 8:30am is nearing impossible.

Have a blessed day!

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